Welcome to the NSPanel Manager

We thought we needed a homepage so this is it. Right know there are two things you should do:

  1. Check out Cables & Coffee’s latest Youtube video where he explains what the NSPanel Manager is:
  2. Follow and get excited about our kickstarter:

About us

Erik Bergstr̦m РWatched a Norwegian TV series 10 years ago with a guy that had an automated morning scene. Since that day his mind has been lost to home automation. This project is the result of all those years thinking about the perfect way of controlling the homes of the future. Calls him self Cables & Coffee on Youtube and other social media.

Tim Panajott – Been programming for about 18 years and has grown to feel very passionate about home automation, programming and networking. Been doing my own PCBs and firmware for a few years now and thought this would be a fun addition to the bank of projects.


Questions or suggestions?

Do you think we’re missing some super obvious super important smart home feature?? Send us an email, we love new ideas!